Decision in sperm-donor case welcome

Press release by The Iona Institute 

December 10, 2009 

Decision in sperm-donor case welcome 

Government must now regulate AHR industry in a fully child-centred way

THE IONA INSTITUTE has welcomed today’s decision by the Supreme Court to grant a sperm-donor father access to his child.

Commenting on the decision, Iona Institute Director, David Quinn, said: “This decision respects the rights of both fathers and children. A biological father has a right to know and have access to his child, and a child has a right to know and have access to his or her biological father.”

He added: “It is clear the Government must now move to regulate the Assisted Human Reproduction industry, and to do so in a way that is fully child-centred. The best way to do this is to enshrine in such any regulations the right of a child to be raised by their mother and father. Anything else fails children, and puts the wishes of adults ahead of the rights of children.” 

Last Saturday The Iona Institute published its latest position paper which deals specifically with this issue.

Called ‘Making Babies: Towards a child-centred view of Assisted Human Reproduction’, it is written by columnist and teacher, Breda O’Brien, and sets out a detailed set of recommendations aimed at producing a fully child-centred set regulatory framework for the AHR industry. 


Notes to Editors 

1.      The Iona Institute is a pro-marriage, pro-religion organisation.

2.      ‘Making Babies’ can be downloaded from 

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