Government should help all childcare choices

David Quinn was on Newstalk Breakfast discussing whether the Government’s should make daycare free.

“There seems to be an assumption in this debate that every parent wants to put their young child in daycare. If this is not true, the Government cannot put all the money into daycare sector at the expenses of the other choices parents want to make in this regard”, he said, “parents want also other options.”

David Quinn remarked that polls show that only about 20% of parents want their children into daycare if they could choose and money wasn’t an obstacle.

“We want more people in the workforce”, suggested the host Shane Coleman. “Yes”, David Quinn replied “but this means that the economy will override what people actually want. We have here a reversal of the Constitution and all women have to be forced to stay out of the home because of the Government’s economic necessity. I don’t think people want that, or its reversal either.”

“I am not against subsidizing childcare choices but under a voucher system you can subsidize all the various choices”, he said.

The complete interview can be heard here.