How gay rights radicals deal with their opponents

The practice of “blacklisting” was made notorious in 1950s America by figures such as Senator Joseph McCarthy and the infamous House Un-American Activities Committee, which targetted known and suspected Communists. Sometimes this labelling had a devastating impact on the careers of innocent people. 

This was particularly the case in Hollywood, where a number of actors and directors saw their professional lives destroyed by being “blacklisted”. Despite supposed liberal horror at “blacklisting”, however, it is now back. This time, however, it is the liberals doing the blacklisting. 

An article in The Weekly Standard by Maureen Mullarkey, who is an artist by profession, shows just how far some of these supposed liberals are prepared to go. Mullarkey supported the campaign to pass Proposition 8, a referendum to ban same-sex marriage. In response, supporters of same-sex marriage told her that “her career was over”. 

You can read the rest of the details of her ordeal here. Warning: Some of the language is unpleasant, to say the least. The treatment is even more unpleasant. 

Over in the news section, we report on a speech by Cardinal George Pell in which he gives further details of how these same campaigners have in some cases vandalised churches, especially Mormon temples, that supported Proposition 8. He mentions how individuals who supported Proposition 8 have been subjected to death threats, whereas others have lost their jobs. 

The left is very quick to accuse its political enemies of using ‘fascist’ tactics. Merely raising one’s voice is something enough to attract the accusation. But if that label should be used at all, it surely applies to some of the tactics between used by Proposition 8’s bitterest and most extreme opponents. Intimidation, attacks on churches, blacklisting supporters of Proposition 8, getting people fired? Very, very nasty stuff..

As Mullarkey herself put it at the bottom of her article: “Who was it who predicted that if fascism ever came to the United States, it would come in the guise of liberal egalitarianism?”

This campaign of hate and intimidation has received very little coverage in the US media indicating the media approve of it and maybe even think that those at the receiving end deserve it. In contrast, actor Tom Hanks’ reference to the “intolerance” of those who opposed Proposition 8 in January recieved widespread coverage. Another actor, Sean Penn was able to use Oscar night to register his condemnation of Prop 8 supporters. Who is really being intolerant? Is it really bigotry to believe marriage is intrinsically heterosexual? 

Cardinal Pell’s warnings about the dangers facing Christians in the West are not alarmist; they are very real. We in Ireland should take heed.