In Defence of Catholic Healthcare: A talk by David Quinn

David Quinn, Chief Executive of The Iona Institute, recently delivered the 4th Rosemary Sheehan Memorial Lecture. His theme was ‘In Defence of Catholic Healthcare’. In his talk, he reminded people of the immense contribution Catholics have made to healthcare in Ireland and worldwide both historically and down to the present day.

He explained the origins of the very strong Christian commitment to healthcare, and how it draws on the teachings and example of Jesus Christ, but also on the principle, ‘first, do no harm’, an ethic older than Christianity itself.

He contrasted this vision of healthcare with the ‘pro-choice’ ethos of much modern healthcare which permits abortion, and may permit euthanasia in the future. He set the attacks on Catholic healthcare against the background of the general atmosphere of anti-Catholicism in Ireland itself.

The talk was delivered at Booterstown Parish Centre on June 14, 2023. David was introduced by Dr James Sheehan.

A video of the address can be found here.