Interesting new blog

Fr Fergus O’Donoghue SJ is the urbane editor of the quarterly review, Studies. Fergus is a man with an encyclopaedic knowledge of Church history – you name it, he knows it. 

But he is a man with a worthwhile and considered opinion on just about every issue under the sun. Thankfully Fergus is now making his opinions more readily available to the rest of us courtesy of his new blog which can be found here. I’d recommend you add it to your reading list. 

If you go to his blog now, you will find, for instance, his comment on a rather nasty attack by Justine McCarthy on the Pope for daring to break with the unthinking and wholly wrong-headed liberal orthodoxy concerning Aids prevention. 

As you may know, The Iona Institute and Studies collaborate once or twice a year to bring over speakers of note and distinction. Our last speaker was Professor Keith Ward who addressed the topic, ‘Is religion dangerous?’