Iona Institute backs Protestant schools over education cuts

Press release by The Iona Institute 

October 21, 2009

Iona Institute backs Protestant schools over education cuts


The Iona Institute has today backed calls to reverse cutbacks to Protestant schools.

Speaking on behalf of The Iona Institute, Dr John Murray said: “The Iona Institute supports the principle of parental choice. The education cutbacks aimed specifically at Protestant schools threaten the existence of those schools. Therefore the cutbacks are an attack on parental choice and an attack on a very long established part of the education sector.

“The cutbacks save only €3 million but their effect on Protestant schools is massively disproportionate. It is very hard not to see the cutbacks as an attack on Protestant education itself. They should be reversed forthwith.”



Notes to Editors

1.      The Iona Institute is a pro-marriage, pro-religion organisation.


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Dr John Murray: 086 0783438. Dr Murray is a lecturer at Mater Dei Institute.

David Quinn, Director of The Iona Institute: 087 982 9910


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