Maureen Gaffney needs to withdraw remarks likening No voters to Nazis and racists

Press release from The Iona Institute

Gaffney comments indefensible

Comments by Maureen Gaffney today that effectively liken those who do not want marriage redefined with Nazis and racists are indefensible and must be withdrawn immediately.

In comments earlier today, Dr Gaffney said: “In Nazi German nationals with German blood were not allowed marry Jewish people.

“In southern States in America until 1967, interracial marriage was banned.

“In apartheid South Africa interracial marriage was banned.

“I’m not drawing direct comparisons, we’re far from that here, but I ask you, what is the difference excluding a whole raft of ordinary people who are gay or lesbian?

“It is just another form of the same oppression.”

Responding to Dr Gaffney’s comments, Professor Patricia Casey said: “What Dr Gaffney has said is appalling and must be withdrawn immediately. She claims she is not making a direct comparison between No voters on the one hand, and Nazis and racists on the other, but that is exactly what has done.

“She puts opposition to same-sex marriage on precisely the same moral level as Nazism and racism. Her comments show a total lack of respect for those voting No.

“It shouldn’t need to be spelled out, but believing in the family of man, woman and child based on marriage is not remotely comparable to racism. The differences between skin colour are absolutely irrelevant to the nature of marriage or to anything else, but the differences between men and women, and mothers and fathers are intrinsic to the nature of marriage.”

Professor Casey continued: “Is Dr Gaffney seriously suggesting that believing in the differences between men and women and mothers and fathers is the moral equivalent of racism and Nazism?”

She concluded: “Her comments are deeply insulting and offensive to all No voters and must be withdrawn immediately.”