Miss California in the firing line

Perez Hilton is a very acid-tongued celebrity blogger. He was one of the judges at the annual Miss America contest a few days ago. The favourite to win was Miss California, Carrie Prejean. Until, that is, she was asked a question about same-sex marriage. The question came from Hilton, who is himself homosexual. 

Prejean answered that she believed marriage should be between a man and a woman. Let’s recall that California recently voted in favour of that definition. For answering honestly, she finished in second place. Afterwards, she was roundly attacked by Hilton who charmingly condemned her as a ‘stupid dumb b**th’. He said that if she had won she would have torn the crown from her head. 

Let’s ignore for the moment the fact the Hilton politicised a contest that isn’t supposed to be political. While they’re at it, why not ask the contestants who they voted for in the presidential election in November and then judge them on that? 

No, what is much worse is the ongoing attempt by gay rights militants to label as a bigot anyone who believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman. 

Some people think allowing same-sex marriage would be a relatively trivial thing but one of the many far-reaching implications of allowing it is that anyone who believes in traditional marriage gets condemned as a bigot. Since the majority of us still, in fact, believe in traditional marriage – whatever our views about civil partnerships – that has to be a big concern. 

Incidentally, Barack Obama also believes marriage should be between a man and a woman. Is he a bigot too? Should Perez Hilton have interrupted the inauguration ceremony in protest?