Adult baptisms in France rise significantly for fourth successive year

The number of adults being baptised in France in 2024 has significantly increased over previous years.

This year 7,135 adults will receive the sacrament of baptism at the Easter Vigil. This is a substantial 32 per cent increase on 2023 when 5,463 adults were baptised.

The figures confirm an ongoing trend of growth in the French Church. In 2023, the number of adult baptisms in France had increased by 21 per cent over the number in 2022, and by over 50 per cent compared to 2021, when 3,639 adults were baptised.

In the past twenty years, those requesting baptism in the Catholic Church as adults has more than doubled.

Moreover, the growth is not merely at the expense of baptisms at a younger age either, as the figures show that in 2024, the number of adolescents being baptised doubled compared to the year before. Adolescent baptisms in France have seen consistent growth over the course of the last five years.