Almost 2,000 euthanasia deaths in Canada due to ‘loneliness’

Over 10,000 assisted suicide deaths occurred in Canada in 2021, a massive jump from 7603 in 2020, a federal health agency has reported. Approximately 1,740 euthanasia deaths were due to ‘loneliness’ and ‘isolation’.

The Third Annual Report on Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada (2021) indicated that the number of reported assisted deaths increased by 32.4% and represented 3.3% of all Canadian deaths.

In one State, that of Ontario, the Office of the Chief Coroner released the June 2022 MAiD data which indicates that there were 1822 reported assisted deaths in the first six months of 2022 and 11,620 reported assisted deaths since euthanasia was legalized. The Ontario data is important because it is regularly released and Ontario represents 39% of Canada’s population.

The June 2022 Ontario monthly data also showed a significant increase with 334 reported assisted deaths as compared to 281 in June 2021.