Big opposition to dropping 14 day limit to embryo experimentation

An overwhelming 97pc of respondents to a public consultation in the UK would oppose a law removing the 14-day limit for experimenting on human embryos.

Nonetheless, despite the overwhelming opposition, the taxpayer-funded Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has ignored the results of its own consultation and proceeded to lobby the Government for the change.

As part of the consultation, the HFEA (page 26) outlined its desire to “future proof” the Human, Fertilisation and Embryology Act to allow it be more easily modified to permit changes, such as increasing or removing the 14-day limit, via secondary legislation rather than changes to primary legislation.

Changes via secondary legislation would be subject to reduced scrutiny would be reduced, in contrast to primary legislation, where ethical considerations can be rigorously discussed in Parliament and MPs held accountable.