Bishop wants recognition for marriage as the ‘bed-rock’ of society

The promotion of marriage for the renewal of British society should be a central concern of politicians running in the upcoming UK general election, according to a Catholic Bishop.

The Bishop of Shrewsbury, Mark Davies, noted that the “single most important factor” in the flourishing of children was the stability of the relationship of their parents.

He said that marriage has been diminished in recent years to one of many lifestyle choices, instead of being recognised as the bedrock of society.

The harm caused by family breakdown must lead “our elected representatives to have the courage and responsibility to recognise the central place of marriage in securing the good of society and of new generations”, Bishop Davies said.

At the annual diocesan Mass on 8 June in celebration of marriage, he told the congregation in Chester that the faithful would be right to expect candidates seeking their votes to take the place of marriage in society seriously.