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Bishops cry foul as NI Secretary imposes abortion ideology on schools

The Catholic Bishops are alleging a breach of human rights by the British Government [1] in imposing what amounts to a pro-abortion point of view on pupils in Northern Ireland, including Catholic schools.

The Catholic Schools’ Trustee Service (CSTS) believes that the legislation brought forward through Westminster by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland challenges the rights of Trustees to promote a faith-based education.

CSTS is very concerned that this has been done “to impose on schools a particular ideological view of abortion and the prevention of early pregnancy”.

In a statement, they say this “undermines the parent’s or carer’s right to have their children educated in accordance with their ethical, religious, and philosophical convictions, as is recognised through international human rights legislation.  Legislative topics of such sensitivity should have remained a matter for a locally elected assembly to consult upon, debate, and agree a way forward that best meets the needs of the people in this jurisdiction.”