British MPs vote to introduce abortion and same-sex “marriage” in Northern Ireland

Members of the Westminster parliament voted on Thursday to extend abortion and same-sex “marriage” to Northern Ireland. They also voted to decriminalise abortion, while it still remains a crime in the rest of the UK.

This will only come into effect if the Stormont parliament is not restored by the 21st October.

“The vote to extend abortion will leave a hawk’s egg with better protection than an unborn child” said Peter Lynas, director for Northern Ireland ot thr Evangelical Alliance.

Clare McCarthy, speaking on behalf of Right to Life UK, commented: “This amendment is an unconstitutional and disrespectful attempt to override devolution in Northern Ireland and to attempt to impose abortion on demand on the Northern Irish people. The law on this issue should be a decision for the people of Northern Ireland and their elected representatives, not for MPs in Westminster to decide.”