Call to allow under 16s ‘self-declare’ their new legal gender

The Free Legal Advice Centres (FLAC) has called on the Government to radically liberalise the country’s gender identity laws so that under 16s may “self-declare” their new gender, according to the Irish Times.

Sixteen and 17 year olds have to apply to a circuit court with supporting documentation from two doctors. There is no means for under 16s to change their legally recognised sex. Ireland’s gender recognition law is already one of the most radical in the world.

According to FLAC, the process for 16-17 year olds is “extremely restrictive” and needs to be changed to allow them to “self-declare” the very same as those who have already reached the age of 18. Eilis Barry, chief executive of FLAC, said a legal pathway should also be opened for children under 16 “with the court being required to hold the best interests of the child as the paramount consideration in decision making”.

It was recently reported in the Irish Mail on Sunday that two people who ‘changed sex’ are trying to revert back to their biological sex.