Catholic primary schools in Dublin will continue sacramental preparation

Catholic primary schools in the Archdiocese of Dublin will continue to prepare children for Communion and Confirmation even as a new policy places greater emphasis on families and the local parish in sacramental preparation.

Under a “sacraments of initiation policy” published last month, parishes assume primary responsibility for the process. But the policy confirms Catholic primary schools will continue to play a key role by delivering the Grow in Love programme.

Under existing rules, schools are entitled to set aside up to 30 minutes of the school day for religious instruction or faith formation.

“Education for the sacraments in the school setting begins with junior infants and continues through the curriculum to sixth class,” the archdiocese policy states.

It adds that content specific to the first celebration of the sacraments of Confession and Communion is a two-year process beginning in first class, while content specific to the celebration the sacrament of Confirmation is also a two-year process beginning in fifth class.