CervicalCheck campaigner calls on TDs to legalise assisted suicide

Vicky Phelan has appealed to politicians to back an assisted suicide Bill to be introduced in the Dáil tomorrow. The Bill defines ‘terminal illness’  very broadly.

Her message to politicians, she said, was: “Allow us to die a peaceful death with dignity.

“Palliative (care) does not always work. I have seen people in recent years with a certain amount of suffering that no pain management can get on top of.

“I don’t want my children to see me like that. All I am asking for is a choice.”
Geriatricians and palliative care doctors who have spoken to date are opposed to assisted suicide.

Ms Phelan said she had suffered from depression, had sought help and come through it, and a schedule of illnesses could be specified under the law, if passed.

“This Bill is about giving people who are at the end of their life, and in pain, the choice to go gently – so that they don’t have a certain amount of unnecessary suffering.

“We don’t do it to animals. I don’t see why we should do it to humans.”