Chile voters reject pro-life Constitution

Voters in Chile have rejected in a proposed new constitution that would have established rights to personhood, including the unborn, and to religious freedom.

Approximately 55.8% of Chileans voted against it while 44.2% supported it. In 2021, 62pc of Chileans had voted against a proposed Constitution that would have been far more ideologically on the left.

The proposed constitution spanned nearly 200 pages and contained more than 200 articles.

Article 1 of the proposed constitution declares in part that “the family is the fundamental nucleus of society” and “it is the duty of the State and society to protect families and promote their strengthening.”

The proposal featured a lengthy list of fundamental rights and freedoms, beginning with “the right to life.” In addition to asserting that “the law protects the life of the unborn,” Article 16 of the proposed document also prohibited the death penalty.

Chile first began taking steps to repeal the nationwide ban on abortion in 2016. If approved, the proposal would have had the effect of overturning the repeal by establishing protections for unborn life.

The list of rights and freedoms also declared that “the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion” is “guaranteed.”