Church massacre due to ‘extremism’, not ‘climate change’, says Senator

Anti-Christian, violent extremism is to blame for the massacre of 40 people in a church in Nigeria according to one independent Senator, contrary to a claim, later denied, by President Higgins that climate change was in some way to blame.

Sharon Keogan cited local authorities who suspect that responsibility for the terrorist attack lies with the Islamic State in West Africa Province, ISWAP, a militant insurgent group.

She said the militant Islamic group, Boko Haram, has claimed responsibility for multiple attacks in Nigeria in recent years, while globally, there has been a clear rise in recorded instances targeting Christians since 2019.

This is not the result of climate change. This is violent extremism”.

“The Bishop of Ondo, where the attack occurred, stated that ‘to suggest or make a connection between victims of terror and consequences of climate change is not only misleading but also exactly rubbing salt to the injuries of all who have suffered terrorism in Nigeria’”.

Senator Keogan also assailed political leaders for their silence on the massacre: ”To date, I do not think we have seen a mention of this from either the Taoiseach or the Tánaiste; not so much as a tweet”.