Constitutionality of abortion ‘Exclusion Zone’ law likely to be challenged

The constitutionality of the abortion exclusion zone bill which passed at final stage in the Dáil on Wednesday evening will very likely be challenged in court after it becomes law, according to the pro-Life Campaign. Even silent pro-life vigils in the vicinity of an abortion facility will be banned.

The so-called “Safe Access Zones” Bill would establish a buffer zone within 100 metres of abortion facilities or hospitals that perform abortions.

The bill passed the Dáil with 117 votes in favour to just ten TDs against.

The main political parties imposed the party whip on the issue.

It now proceeds to the Seanad where a final vote will happen before it passes into law.

In a statement, the Pro Life Campaign said it continues to vigorously oppose the proposal, “given the way it specifically targets a particular group of citizens (namely pro-lifers) and criminalises them for exercising the right to peacefully protest and assemble”.