Death threat received by Nigerian pastor following new wave of attacks

A pastor who assists displaced communities in southern Kaduna, Nigeria, has received a death threat on the same night local communities were attacked by armed assailants thought to be Fulani herdsmen.

Pastor Gideon Agwom Mutum received a threatening letter on Monday, accusing him of insulting the Fulani tribe in the media. The author claimed they would kill him and his family “like goats”.

“We know your house, your church and even your family.

“Your movement is known by us. Tell your people to get ready for us. We will come unless you go back and tell the world you are sorry for all that you have said concerning the Fulanis. We are coming. Nigeria is our land. Southern Kaduna is our land,” the letter warned.

The Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU), of which Pastor Mutum is a member says the recent attacks have left 33 people dead, 215 homes destroyed, and four churches demolished.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide is calling on the Nigerian Government to “address the threat posed by this militia swiftly and decisively, prioritising the protection of vulnerable individuals and communities, and bringing attackers to justice”.