Do not discriminate against pro-life candidates in hiring, pleads doctor

A doctor has called for the government to strengthen freedom of conscience for medical practitioners with a pro-life ethic and oppose a move to allow discrimination against doctors in the hiring process if they do not wish to carry out abortions.

In an opinion piece published in the Irish Medical Times, Dr Brendan Crowley wrote that the report arising from the Abortion Review undertaken by the state, “raises several worrying points which would have a negative impact on freedom of conscience.”

“Its author and the Minister for Health have stated they intend to compel the eight remaining maternity hospitals into providing abortions. It’s clear that eroding freedom of conscience is a key means to achieve this,” he said.

“The report’s author herself stated at the Oireachtas Health Committee on May 31 that she would have no compunction about discriminating against doctors in the hiring process who indicated they may wish to exercise their right to consciously object to the abortion process, which they are entitled to do, under section 22 of the 2018 Act.”