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Don’t criminalise offering help to women considering abortion

A member of ‘Be Here For Me’ [1], a group that offers counselling to women entering abortion facilities, told members of the Oireachtas yesterday that she owes the life of her daughter to a pro-life person she met outside a Marie Stopes abortion clinic in Ealing, London.

Alina Dulgheriu was addressing a Human Dignity Group [2] event on the Government’s plan to introduce ‘exclusion zones’ [3] outside abortion facilities in Ireland. Deputy Carol Nolan, who chaired Wednesday’s meeting, said introducing exclusion zones in Ireland “would create a very dangerous precedent”. She said that buffer zones like the ones being proposed in Ireland do not exist throughout Europe and that “placing a bolt on every door to deny women the opportunity to access to information on alternatives to abortion is neither pro-woman nor pro-choice.”