Dublin parishioners attend daily mass in breach of covid guidelines

The parishioners of one Dublin church have been quietly attending daily mass, contrary to lockdown guidelines, as the church has not locked its doors to the public while mass is being celebrated.

The Church of the Guardian Angels in Blackrock, Co Dublin, is one of many churches in Dublin that have open for private prayer in accord with both Government and Dublin diocesan guidelines.

However, extra.ie reported that people have been showing up at 10am, as the priests of the parish celebrate mass, and have remained to pray and take communion. They reported that 39 people were present during mass on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the church said that there is usually only 10 people in attendance and it was the first day so many people had been in the church.

Former PP, Fr Tony Gaughan said the church being open helps people during these times and said that the church is sticking to government guidelines on social distancing.

“People are anxious to get back to normal. I see no problem once people are spaced out when you have a huge area rather than a small little church”.

“Funerals are very sad at the moment. Once the people are spaced out I don’t have any problem with them being there”.

“The Blessed Sacrament is exposed every morning from after the 10 o’clock mass and they’re coming in in ones and twos throughout the day. It’s nice for them. The parish priest has the whole place washed each evening.”