European Parliament condemns exploitation of surrogate mothers

The European Parliament has condemned the reproductive exploitation of Ukrainian women by surrogacy companies.

In a non-binding resolution last week on the impact of the war against Ukraine on women, it cites human trafficking for sexual exploitation and other purposes as among the biggest risks for women and children fleeing the country.

In particular § 12 recalls that “sexual exploitation for surrogacy and reproduction is unacceptable and a violation of human dignity and human rights”.

It continues in § 13 by condemning “the practice of surrogacy, which can expose women around the world to exploitation, in particular those who are poorer and are in situations of vulnerability, such as in the context of war”.

In § 14 the resolution “Underlines the serious impact of surrogacy on women, their rights and their health, the negative consequences for gender equality and the challenges stemming from the crossborder implications of this practice, as has been the case for the women and children affected by the war against Ukraine”.

In point V., the role played by some private companies is recognised, noting that “some surrogacy agencies have asked surrogate mothers not to flee Ukraine before the birth”.