Former captain of the Tyrone GAA ladies team to vote DUP due to abortion

A former captain of the Tyrone GAA ladies team has said she is considering voting for the DUP because of the party’s pro-life stance.

Lisa O’Hare said she can no longer vote for Sinn Féin or the SDLP because she does not agree with their enabling of an extreme abortion law being imposed on NI by Westminster.

“As an Irish Catholic who places God at the centre of my home and my heart we don’t have anyone who represents our views,” said Ms O’Hare.

That is why she is now looking “beyond the normal tribal differences and religious differences”.

She told the BBC’s The View programme that “the DUP is the only party” in Stormont who seem to be opposing these laws.

Mrs O’Hare, who captained the Tyrone ladies team to Ulster final glory in 2000, said she has grave concerns about changes voted through at Westminster.

“We’ve seen from the guidelines published this week that this is about targeting the most vulnerable in society,” she said

“As the mother of a son with Down’s Syndrome, the idea that he has been set apart as someone who is less valuable to society is abhorrent to me.

“Every life is precious and shouldn’t be judged on health, well being or social circumstance,” she added.