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Gardai investigate deaths related to euthanasia drug received by post

A number of Irish people died suddenly after having allegedly bought a fatal poison [1] from a Canadian man.

Garda sources have confirmed the accused man, Canadian chef Kenneth Law [2] (57), sold the chemical substance to more than 10 people in Ireland.

A small number of those, believed to be fewer than five, have since died suddenly. However, it is not yet established whether their deaths resulted from consuming the substance.

The Canadian authorities several months ago supplied details to the Garda about people in Ireland who had allegedly bought the substance from sites purportedly linked to Mr Law. GardaĆ­ performed welfare checks on those people and determined a number had died suddenly.

Mr Law was first arrested by the authorities in Canada in May as part of an investigation into two deaths there. The scope of the investigation soon widened. While he now faces charges in relation to 14 alleged assisted suicides in Canada, it is suspected he sold the substance to as many as 1,200 people in 40 countries, including Ireland.