Glasgow priest challenges Scottish government on church closures

The ban on public worship due to Covid-19 in Scotland has been challenged in Court by a Glasgow priest. Scottish worshippers currently face criminal penalties for going to Mass or religious services, other than weddings or funerals, in contrast to their English neighbours who can attend with safety measures in place.

Father Tom White, a priest of the Archdiocese of Glasgow and the Dean of the City East St Alphonsus Church in Glasgow, is leading this effort as part of the Catholic community in making the case for churches as an essential service during a time of societal crisis.

“As a priest, I have witnessed first-hand the grief and suffering that Covid-19 has caused for my parish members. Therefore I know, as a priest, that we need to open my church to be able to support them best in their hour of need,” said Father White.

“I speak for many in the church when I say that it’s very important to keep people safe and well during this pandemic. But, this can and should be done while also allowing people to fulfil their need to draw close to God and worship in community at the church. With appropriate safety measures, we can accommodate both of these outcomes,” he continued.