Italian Catholics were supportive of religious restrictions in early part of lockdown

A poll of Catholics in the Campania region of Italy found the majority supportive of the Government’s restrictions on religion during the first phase of the Covid19 lockdown in March. Public worship with limits on number returned in Italy on Monday.

4,032 responded to a poll conducted by a research team from three universities in Benevento, Caserta and Naples.

Regarding the Government’s limitations on religious practice, 33% considered it an expression of the right collaboration of State and Church; 26% thought it a necessary measure that the government had to adopt; and 20% said it was a fair limitation of a person’s rights, as inspired by personal and social responsibility. On the other hand, 8% said it was a violation of religious freedom; 3% an abuse of Government; while 6% said it was the responsibility of bishops and priests who were not able to defend their reasons.

Regarding specific limitations, 49% said the ban on funerals was the one they agreed with the least. Next was not being able to attend mass on Easter which registered with 13%.

Regarding what they missed the most, 32% indicated the lack of holy communion; ahead of 29% who pointed to the lack of religious comforts and a funeral if they or a relative were to die.