IVF clinics clash over ‘baby or your money back’ offer

One IVF clinic has lashed out at another for offering a “baby or your money back” package.

The offer from Sims is for clients to pay in advance for two or three rounds of IVF, and they would receive a full refund if a successful pregnancy does ensue. However, if the client achieves pregnancy at the first go, there is no refund for the subsequent rounds of IVF they have already paid for but now will not use.

Merrion Fertility Clinic (MFC), an operation linked to the National Maternity Hospital, has questioned the offer from its rival, Sims IVF, on the basis that some women will end up paying more money unnecessarily.

“It is our considered opinion that such schemes do not reduce costs overall for the majority of patients and that they may even be unethical,” said MFC.