Minister apologises for illegal birth registrations, criticised over surrogacy

The Minister for Children has been criticised for supporting the use of inaccurate birth documents in surrogacy and donor IVF, even as he made an apology on behalf of the Government to people affected by historic illegal birth registrations connected with adoption.

In the Seanad, Minister Roderic O’Gorman said he was “truly sorry” for the “deep hurt and anguish” experienced by people affected by the illegal birth registrations.

He told Senators that what happened “was a historic wrong with deep and enduring impacts.

“Those who were knowingly involved in the illegal registration of births, committed a grave offence which robbed children of their identity and their right to an accurate birth registration.

“I can only imagine the deep hurt and anguish that people must have experienced on learning of their illegal birth registration, on learning that the foundations upon which their entire identity is based are false.”

Responding on social media, Senator Sharon Keogan said, “Wrongs have been done but I fear we will continue to deny those born through surrogacy their true identity”.

She added: “Identity is very important, all data must be on birth certs even if it involves up to 5 different parties. We must learn from our past pain. #tracing #birthcertificates”.