New Northern Ireland MP defends the right to life in House of Commons

A pro-life MP has used her maiden speech in the House of Commons this week to defend the right to life of unborn babies and called for the Government to step back from implementing an extreme pro-abortion law on Northern Ireland.

DUP MP Carla Lockhart said she wished to highlight the anger, disappointment and frustration stemming from the law having been foisted upon the people.

“These changes came in the most roughshod way, with complete contempt for the devolved Administration and the views of the people of Northern Ireland. I want today to make the point to this House, on behalf of the many thousands of people across Northern Ireland who take a pro-life stance, that we want to repeal section 9 with immediate effect and allow for the Northern Ireland Assembly to debate, discuss and evidence-gather on this emotive issue.”

She said that under the new law, abortion on request for any reason will be legalised up to the point at which a baby is “capable of being born alive”.

She concluded: “I want a society in Northern Ireland that values life, and I want to see services that will help women choose life. We want to see a perinatal palliative care centre, a maternal mental health unit and better childcare services, and that is my ask of this Government. Help us create a culture of choosing life, as opposed to killing an innocent little baby that does not have the voice to say, ‘No, mummy!’”