Poll shows large majority support for Divorce referendum proposal

More than three-quarters of respondents to a poll said they would vote Yes in the upcoming divorce referendum, with just 8 per cent saying they would oppose the measure according to the latest Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI opinion poll. Eleven per cent said they did not know how they would vote and 4 per cent said they would not vote.

The referendum is aimed at removing from the Constitution the requirement that a couple must wait for four years out of the last five before filing for divorce.

The poll was taken among 500 voters in each of the three European Parliament constituencies, a total of 1,500 voters across 150 sampling points in all constituencies. The accuracy is estimated at plus or minus 2.5 per cent at the national level.

Stripping out the undecided voters and those unlikely to vote, the proposal enjoys the support of 91 per cent of respondents to the poll, with just 9 per cent ready to vote against it.