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Pope Francis attacks ‘evil’ of ‘gender theory’

Pope Francis has denounced ‘gender theory’ as evil [1], saying the ideology seeks to erase all differences between men and women.

In an interview for a forthcoming book, Father Luigi Maria Epicoco asked Pope Francis where he sees evil at work today.

“One place is ‘gender theory,'” the pope said. It has a “dangerous” cultural aim of erasing all distinctions between men and women, male and female, which would “destroy at its roots” God’s most basic plan for human beings: “diversity, distinction. It would make everything homogenous, neutral. It is an attack on difference, on the creativity of God and on men and women.”

Pope Francis said he did not want “to discriminate against anyone”, but was convinced that human peace and well-being had to be based on the reality that God created people with differences and that accepting – not ignoring – those differences is what brings people together.