Pro-life vigils continue outside GP clinics facilitating abortion

Pro-life vigils took place in a number of counties at the weekend outside GP clinics that facilitate abortions.

Details of the pro-life presence was documented on social media of groups in Galway City, Balbriggan, Navan, Graiguenamanagh, and Dingle. Placards carried slogans such as: ‘At 9 weeks, I have milk teeth buds and tiny toes’, ‘Doctors should harm not heal, let me live’, ‘Adoption is the option’, ‘Doctors save lives not end them’, ‘Human rights begin in the womb’, ‘One life taken: many hearts broken’, ‘Women’s rights begin at conception’, and ‘Say No to abortion in Graiguenamanagh’.

The only images used was of an embryo in the womb at an early stage of development.

Nonetheless, a report appeared in the Irish Examiner that the pro-life activity outside a GP clinic in Graiguenamanagh, which is located beside a library, caused a lot of “upset” to children using the library.