Ramadan lights on display in central London over Easter

Festive lights saying ‘Happy Ramadan’ are on display in London’s West End over the Easter Weekend to mark the Muslim penitential season of Ramadan, prompting some local representatives to ask why Easter itself is not being marked in the same way in a traditionally Christian country.

Tory councillor, Paul Swaddle, offered full support to the Ramadan lights but questioned why a Ramadan display in the window of Westminster’s city hall offices had not yet been replaced by an Easter one in time for this weekend.

Tim Barnes, the Conservative candidate for Cities of London and Westminster also welcomed the Ramadan lights but added: “it’s critical that we are seen to be welcoming to all of our major communities and are even-handed in how we represent and promote major festivals and religious holidays.”

The Westminster City Council said that it “routinely supports” a wide range of other faith activities throughout the year including Christmas, Easter, Palm Sunday, Eid, Diwali and Hanukkah.

Christian Concern, a group which promotes Christian values, said that it planned in the future to put in a “number of applications” for decorations to celebrate Easter.