Row over T-shirt calling for ‘extinction’ of Down Syndrome

The UK actress Sally Phillips, whose son Olly has Down Syndrome, has criticised Amazon, after the website was to used to sell Down Syndrome “hatewear” T-shirts.

One T-shirt seen on Amazon UK last week bore the slogan: “Let’s make Down syndrome extinct!” Another read: “F*ck Down syndrome.” The listings have since been removed.
Phillips presented a BBC documentary in 2016 called ‘A World Without Down Syndrome’ which highlighted that in countries like Iceland almost all Down Syndrome babies are aborted once diagnosed.

She said: “Eugenic ideas are really taking hold — the idea that there is this subclass of humans and it is better we get rid of them. If you have a world view in which you regard academic intelligence or money-making possibilities as the ultimate goal . . . then you feel perfectly justified in saying these things.

“It would break my heart if Olly saw anyone wearing those T-shirts.”

Meanwhile, a petition to ban Amazon sellers from selling the T-shirts has been signed by more than 5,000 people.

“Many people from the Down Syndrome Community have contacted Amazon time and time again to remove product inciting Hate speech against people who have Down’s syndrome,” the petition reads.