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‘Strong’ support for multidenominational primary schools

A new survey shows strong support for multi-denominational education [1] and relatively little for religious-run schools, according to the Education and Training Boards Ireland (ETBI), the representative body for the State’s 16 regional education and training boards.

The ETBI-commissioned poll, based on a representative sample of 1,011 adults by research firm Opinion, found that 61 per cent of adults had a preference for multi-denominational education compared to 9 per cent who had a preference for a religious body to provide education.

ETBI general secretary Paddy Lavelle said: “Our research shows that there is a strong appetite for the Community National School as the model of choice and this needs to be urgently prioritised by Government if it is to achieve its target of 400 multi-denominational primary schools by the year 2030.”

Catholic bishops have expressed supported for changing the patronage of Catholic schools. However, they have warned that a law which prohibits Catholic schools from prioritising the enrolment of local children of the same faith is emerging as a “stumbling block” to the process.