Study suggests religiosity correlates with better sexual relationships

Highly religious couples who share a common faith report more satisfying sexual relationships than their secular peers, according to a recently released study from the Wheatley Institution,
The findings complement a separate study by Stephen Cranney published earlier this year in the Reviews of Religious Research, which found that married religious couples also have more frequent and better sex.
The Wheatley report analyzed survey data from 11 countries, including the United States, and its findings suggest that the level of a couple’s religious involvement can play a role in reported sexual satisfaction. According to the analysis, moderately religious women were 50% more likely to report being sexually satisfied in their relationship than women with no religious practice. However, women in highly religious relationships (couples who pray together, read scripture at home, and attend church, etc.) were twice as likely as their secular peers to say they were satisfied with their sexual relationship. And the men in these couples were fully four times as likely to report being sexually satisfied as men in relationships with no religious activity.