Thousands of illegally adopted people to gain right to inherit from birth parents

Potentially thousands of people who were the subject of illegal adoptions will have rights of inheritance from both their birth parents and the people incorrectly listed as their parents on their birth certificates under Government plans.

As part of the process of bringing in the Birth Information and Tracing Bill the Government is also seeking to resolve issues relating to succession law that arise following revelations about illegal adoptions.

Lawful adoption orders have the effect of severing parental rights and responsibilities with one set of parents and creating them with another. This includes inheritance rights under the Succession Act.

But for unlawful adoptions, Mr O’Gorman is working with Minister for Justice Helen McEntee on proposals to address the issue of succession for people affected by illegal birth registration.

An Interdepartmental Group on Incorrect Birth Registrations recommended that an amendment be made to the Succession Act.

This amendment would mean that a person affected by incorrect birth registration should – in addition to their existing right of succession in relation to their birth parents – have succession rights in relation to their social parents, those whose name is on the birth certificate.