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‘Unplanned’ success, movie’s Irish run to be extended due to demand

A pro-life movie released last weekend has been retained in cinemas for another week, and expanded to many new locations [1] due to public demand.

‘Unplanned’ tells the true story of one woman’s change of heart from working in an abortion clinic to becoming an ardent advocate of unborn life.

Commenting on the success of the film in Ireland, Eilís Mulroy of the Pro Life Campaign said cinema goers have been really taken by the narrative: “Abby Johnson’s story is incredibly captivating from being an abortion clinic ‘employee of the year’ to one of America’s leading pro-life voices.

“All week we have been receiving encouraging feedback from people who’ve attended the screenings. The recurring reaction is that it shines a light on an aspect of the abortion debate that has been almost entirely absent in Ireland to date, namely the reality of what it’s like to work in the abortion industry. ‘Unplanned’ is an important ground-breaking movie for the issues it touches on and despite the subject matter, it is a movie that somehow offers lots of hope [2].”