Only a minority of parents want to put children into daycare

Only a minority of parents want to put children into daycare

Government must support all childcare choices

September 4, 2018 – A new ERSI study out today says that the high cost of day-care is leading to fewer working mothers. In an accompanying press release, the ESRI claims its research indicates “that greater government support for childcare costs will increase maternal employment.” Children’s Minister, Katherine Zappone, says she hopes to make day-care more affordable and accessible.

However, supporting day-care over other childcare choices would be unfair to all the parents who do not wish to place their children into day-care centres.CSO data (see notes below) from last year show that a big majority of parents wish to look after their children at home themselves or have another family member do so.

Commenting on the ERSI study, Brendan Conroy of The Iona Institute (who is himself a stay-at-home father) said: “The Government must not use this study to justify further big subsidies for day-care at the expense of other child-care options. It cannot ignore all those parents who want to mind their children into their own homes, and all those parents who would prefer if a family member minds their children during the day. The State must support all parents equally, regardless of their childcare preferences.”



Notes to editor:

  1. The ERSI study is here.
  2. The CSO study referred to above is here, and an Iona press release on the study is here.