Our video explains the case for man/woman marriage

There is intense pressure in Ireland and other countries to redefine marriage. A new video from The Iona Insitute sets out the case for man/woman marriage and how marriage as presently defined is our most vital and child-centred social institution.

We believe our video is one of the shortest (less than two minutes long!), most succinct and user-friendly on this matter anywhere. We urge you to watch it, to email it to your friends and to post it on your Facebook page and elsewhere.

(It’s best watched in full-screen mode).

In addition, here are two documents related to the same issue. ‘Made for Children’ summarises what some of the best research has to say about the benefits to children of being raised by their own married biological parents.

The second document, ‘The Argument for Preserving Traditional Marriage’ is a very short summary of the arguments in favour of not redefining marriage.