Response to Daniel O’Donnell’s remarks in favour of a Yes vote

Press release from The Iona Institute

Daniel O’Donnell explained today on RTE why he will be voting Yes in next week’s marriage referendum.

He said how he did not necessarily feel that all children should have a mother and a father and explained how he grew up without a father because his father died when he was very young.

He told the Ray D’Arcy Show: “I was brought up without a father. My father died before I knew the benefit of a father. It was just my mother.”

Daniel also said: “All of the people who know they’re talking about are telling us that it’s absolutely no difference who brings up the children, as love as they’re brought up in a loving environment.”

Responding to his comments, Professor Casey of The Iona Institute said: “Daniel’s comments are obviously absolutely sincere and heartfelt. It is a good thing that Daniel is focussing on children in this debate.

“Children can, of course, lose a mother or a father through circumstance. It is tragic when a child’s parent dies. The remaining parent will almost always do a very fine job raising their children alone.

“But there is a world of difference between losing a parent through circumstance and by deliberate design. Unfortunately, if we vote in favour of this referendum the result will be that a certain number of children will be deliberately raised without a mother or a father from the very first day of their life with the full blessing of the State.”

She continued: “This is because the referendum, if carried, will basically force Irish law to pretend that having two married fathers or two married mothers is just the same as having a married mother and father.

“Daniel says that various organisations says it make no difference who raises a child so long as they are loved. This is precisely the question before Irish voters. Do they really think that the love of a mother is just the same as the love of a father? Do they really think men and women are exactly the same in their functions as parents?

Professor Casey concluded: “We believe that when the Irish people reflect on this over the next week, they will decide to vote No.”