Secular propaganda programme for Spanish schools

The Spanish are set to legalise abortion on demand in the early stages of pregnancy, according to a report in the Daily Telegraph.

According to the report: “The move has put the Socialist government on a collision course with the Catholic Church which has argued the need “to restrict and not expand abortion”. 

Prime minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, leader of the ruling Socialist Party, has reportedly engaging in an “ambitious programme of social change” – a departure from the policies of his conservative predecessor, José María Aznar, and from the principles Spain’s highly influential Catholic Church.

A parliamentary committee presented recommendations to Congress this week that included legalising early stage abortions, while gradually imposing more restrictions as pregnancies progress. 

Since the Socialists’ shock victory in the post-Madrid bombings election of 2004, they have legalised gay marriage, eased divorce laws and dropped religious education from the curriculum in public schools. 

I am struck by the dropping of religious education in public schools. Trotsky might well be smiling from the grave. 

Comrade Leon set out the policy of “Entryism” in the 1930s, which was to become the policy of various Leftist groups ever since. There has never been a “popular” uprising; there has never been an “awakening” by the proletariat. What led each and every collectivist movement to power was a small, educated, astute and politically savvy group. What Entryism enables the far Left to achieve is a diaspora of ideology within the important sources of power and influence. From the trade unions to the universities, a slow, careful dissemination of Leftist agitation grew, and consolidated power. 

So, to our education system – and, here, the Spanish one. By eliminating religious education, the secular-leftist cleverly depicts the new curriculum as objective and neutral. Of course, to the secular-leftist, indoctrination in radical environmentalism, multiculturalism, restorative justice, moral relativism, etc, is objective and neutral. 

Religions do not pretend that they lack an agenda for social and moral guidance; conversely, the modern education system all too often replaces a religion of a formal, ancient sense, with that of a secular movement, replete with its own altar, pontiff and righteous path. (If I am exaggerating, listen carefully to the rhetoric within the “global warming” brigade, and compare with scripture.) 

Again, in classic Entryist style, the children, fresh with these tenets in mind, impress upon their parents the road to redemption. Decisions, for most, at the ballot box becomes a mere formality, once between 14 and 18 years of state-run education have been completed. 

The Spanish, it seems, have well and truly awoken the ghosts of the Civil War – seven decades later. Where the Republicans failed, the slow, grinding effort of their Leftist children has succeeded.