Supporting marriage

Those of us who support traditional marriage are regularly criticised by the liberal left as narrow-minded and intolerant. They say we are narrow-minded because we are blinkered to the realities of family diversity already in our society.

They say that we are intolerant because by promoting the traditional family (where children are raised by their biological parents) and by not wishing to give the same rights to other families, we are imposing our “out-dated” views onto others and frustrating their efforts to create a fairer and more equal society.

Since liberal values dominate the mass media there is a tendency for those of us who do not agree with the liberal agenda to be overwhelmed by the apparent mountain of opinion stacked against us as well as by the unkind stereotyping of us.

Sometimes we may get the sense that we are on the losing side. We can feel powerless against the rising tide of liberalism in politics, the media and in society in general.

At times like these we would do well to remind ourselves of the reasons for supporting traditional marriage. We do so because the evidence is so overwhelming that children fare much better when raised by their biological (hetero-sexual) parents in intact marriages. We are not, as the liberals are saying, ignoring the reality of cohabitation, separation and divorce.

By supporting traditional marriage we are not attacking those who don’t marry or who are separated, divorced or bereaved. Instead we are urging the State to do what it can to support marriage and keep cohabitation and marriage breakdown to a minimum. We do this for the welfare of children and for the good of society. 

Far from being intolerant, we are morally obliged to oppose efforts to undermine traditional marriage, no matter how misguided and well intentioned their motives are. Why? Because common sense and and hard evidence tells us that marriage is good for children and this ‘good’ is ultimately reflected in society in general.