“This child will have no mother”

Here’s an article about two homosexual men who went through the process of finding an egg donor, written by one of  the men involved.

Despite the fact the author is clearly in favour of the practice, a number of disturbing details emerge. Probably the most shocking is this assertion by an anonymous member of staff at one of the clinics: “’This child will have two fathers,’ the staff member scolded. ‘He or she will have an egg donor and a surrogate, but no mother!'”

The attempt of the staff member to completely erase one half of the future child’s genetic heritage is simply stunning, and a clear indictment of the process of sperm and egg donation.

The article goes on to describe those willing to donate their eggs: “And for the most part, they are merely girls — some as young as 19, still in their awkward phases…….A few write in texting shorthand: “Would luv 2 help u.” Drew and I are nearly twice as old as some of them. If we’d been straight and careless, we might have had a daughter their age by now.”

Last year, the Iona Institute published a paper, entitled Making Babies, by Breda O’Brien on the Assisted Human Reproduction (AHR) industry. It argued that the industry ought to be regulated in order to make it more child-centred.

This particular article shows just how pressing that need is.