Marriage & the Family

Pre Budget submission on Tax Individualisation by the Iona Institute

Tax individualisation unfairly increases the pressure on  parents of young children to be in paid employment, rather than care for children at home. The Iona Institute’s pre-Budget submission suggests some ways that this unfairness might be reduced. You can read the submission in full here.

Child Abuse by Family Structure

Child Abuse by Family Structure

The Argument for Preserving Marriage in a nutshell

Marriage as a social institution has always been about trying to ensure that as many children as possible are raised by their natural mother and father. Research shows that this produces the best outcomes for children.

Ireland, the United Nations and human rights

Ireland is to appear before the UN Human Rights Council to discuss our human rights record. But UN bodies often radically misinterpret their own treaties.

Peter Saunders: Towards a family friendly tax policy

Why governments should be fairer to married couples.

Made for children: Why the institution of marriage deserves special status

The latest paper from The Iona Institute explains why marriage has special status and why this is not discrimination.

A child’s best interests: who decides?

A referendum on the subject of children’s rights could be held by the end of the year. It will introduce the concept of “the best interests of the child” into the Constitution. The key question is who gets to decide what is in the best interest of the child, the State or parents? Our latest...

Teenage access to contraception

The Iona Institute has made a submission to the Law Reform Commission in response to its recent consultation paper ‘Children and the Law: medical treatment’. The submission is written by Professor David Paton of Nottingham University. Click here to download Professor Paton’s Powerpoint presentation on the topic.

Unmarried fathers submission.

The Iona Institute has made a submission to the Law Reform Commission in response to its recent consultation paper ‘Legal Aspects of Family Relationships’.

Making Babies: Regulating the AHR industry

Our latest paper is an examination of the Assisted Human Reproduction industry. It is a response to the Government-appointed commission on topic and sets out its own, child-centred, recommendations for the industry. An edited version of the paper can be found by clicking on the image to the right. A full-length version can be found...